Affordable Lifestyle Living

Land Lease Living is an affordable housing option, where you can own a quality home in a city, country or coastal location…

Land lease communities are located in attractive places throughout NSW. They offer residents a sense of connection, resort-like amenities and a way of life that is relaxed, enjoyable and free of financial worry.

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Opening Up New Possibilities...

Land Lease Living gives you the opportunity to live in a modern house in a highly desirable location at a fraction of the cost of traditional house/land options; The opportunity to downsize the home while supersizing the lifestyle. You can enjoy all the facilities and services without any of the work to maintain them. The opportunity to release funds tied up in the family home to fund a retirement lifestyle free of financial insecurity.

You don’t have to buy the land

You buy a new or established house within a secure community and instead of buying the land you pay a weekly or fortnightly site fee to lease the land where your house is.

Great Locations & Facilities

Many land lease communities are located in enviable locations and have resort like facilities such as swimming pools, tennis courts, bowling greens, libraries and landscaped gardens.

A Perfect Package

This means that you can enjoy the security of home ownership; the sense of community and many recreational amenities. All this for less financial outlay compared to buying a traditional home/land package or entering a retirement village.

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Why Choose A Land Lease Community?

We hear it from residents all the time about Land Lease Community living. They say it’s the unique feeling of being right where you belong, a feeling of being home.

What Is A Manufactured Home?

A new manufactured home is factory built and gets completely built with all finishes and fittings prior to being delivered to your site.

Why Is It So Affordable?

Because the purchase price of a house situated in a land lease community is generally far lower than traditional housing.

What Agreements Need To Be Signed

The paperwork associated with moving into a residential land lease community is not complex it is a good idea to seek independent legal and financial advice to review all the terms and conditions.

Is It Different To A Retirement Village

The main differences between residential land lease communities and retirement villages are the type of contractual arrangements that are in place and the legislation governing their operation.

What Happens When I Sell My House

When it is time to sell your home you can sell your house by appointing the operator or a real estate agent and simply informing the operator before offering the home for sale.