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Can I Rent My Home?

Yes, you can rent out your home in a residential land lease community in limited circumstances, however, you need the operator’s written permission to do so before entering into a site agreement. Operators cannot un reasonably withhold permission for an owner to sub-let their site and home for 12 months or less, once every 3 years.


Tenants have to comply with the terms and conditions set out in the site agreement signed by the home owner. These include caring for the premises and reporting the need for any repairs and maintenance, paying utility bills on time, not using the premises for illegal purposes and not interfering with the peace, comfort or privacy of neighbours.

What Rules Do I Have To Comply With?
What Does a Residents Committee Do?
Can An Operator Force Me To Leave A Community?
How do i sell my home when I leave?
What happens if my house doesn’t sell – am I obliged to pay rental fees and what happens to my home?
Can Friends and Family Stay?
What Happens If I Breach A Community Rule?
Do I Have To Maintain My Home?
What happens if an operator wants to close or sell the site and it is to be used for the purpose other than a land lease community?


All residential communities are required to be registered with NSW Fair Trading and you can easily check the register to see if there has been any enforcement or disciplinary action that may have been taken the NSW Residential (Land Lease) Communities Act 2013.

Click here to make a query about a community with the Residential Parks Register

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