Land Lease Choice

Many people are now choosing land lease communities because they are so affordable and offer residents so many options for an enjoyable quality of life; with more than 480 land lease communities in NSW you can choose to live in some of the State’s most sought after areas – whether it be coastal, country, town or city locations.

There are also so many choices in housing – cosy cottage style, hi-tech light-filled structures, single storey, multi storey, one, two, three bedrooms, new or ‘pre-loved’. Modern manufactured houses are beautiful and often luxurious – they offer great value and are transforming the housing market with their emphasis on design quality, sustainability, comfort and functionality.

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Land Lease Lifestyle

Land Lease Living is first and foremost about lifestyle

Sense of Community

Living in a land lease community, a home owner can park next to their home.  There is a yard and outdoor space. There are no shared walls.  Best of all, residents in a land lease community truly are part of a community.

In many communities, there are social or activity clubs, fitness amenities and friendly and caring neighbours.  “Sense of belonging” is a among the frequent responses about why residents enjoy living in a land lease community.

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Why So Affordable

Because the purchase price of a house situated in a land lease community is far lower than traditional housing options many retirees are able to sell the family home and free up equity to enjoy a better and more secure retirement.

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Get involved in your community

You deserve the freedom to be you

Many communities make life very accessible