Delivered and installed throughout NSW, Parkwood Modular Buildings can be relied upon to produce a quality product on-time at an affordable price. The 2 Ha Parkwood Manufacturing Facilities at Somersby is designed to produce manufactured modules with convenient access to the major north south freeway.

We build in a controlled, highly supervised & efficient environment. With 29 years experience, we believe we are at the leading edge of the industry and specialise in producing affordable innovative design with minimal impact to the site. Parkwood Modular Buildings has received numerous major HIA & MBA industry awards.

Parkwood Modular Buildings have the ability to design exactly for your site. We can offer truly bespoke construction, and in the case of small sites where every inch counts, be extremely accurate in construction and dimensioning. Our modules are usually delivered and installed and secured in a day.

The increasing demand into regional areas and can only be delivered with offsite modular solutions because of the higher quality, affordability with timeline efficiency that Parkwood Modular can guarantee. Smart material handling, dry storage of materials and a consistent and experienced work force are good foundations for any project. This is an ongoing process, of little steps. We drill down on detail and regular toolbox meetings ensures every member of the Parkwood Modular Buildings team is part of the plan. We provide a safe long-term work environment that is efficient as our staff are able to apply past experience and develop systems that improve the construction process.

We believe our methodologies in relation to Quality, OHS, Environmental compliance coupled with the Parkwood Modular Buildings philosophy for client satisfaction and sound project management will provide better than current standards in Quality, Cost, Time and Environmental Impacts.

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Parkwood Modular Buildings develops a range of Residential and Holiday homes with many floor plans and styles to choose from. Our consultants can also design plans specifically for your site.

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